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Bye – Bye


It’s been an interesting year or so.  Many locations covered, a number of tournaments advertised, but unfortunately, not enough visitors nor support to maintain a website of this size, complexity and accuracy.  Had we seen such support, the site would have maintained.  To those who did contribute, we sincerely thank you.  It was obvious that you understood what we were doing and our version of providing up-to-date and encompassing information.

We also thank all who have contributed information and input.  It was appreciated.

We do have a number of Internet Domain Names available for sale:

  • MidwestPickleball.Org
  • Midwest-Pickleball.Com
  • MinnesotaPickleball.Com
  • MinnesotaPickleball.Org
  • MNPickleball.Com
  • MNPickleball.Org
  • PickleballMinnesota.Com
  • PickleballMinnesota.Org
  • PickleballMN.Com
  • PickleballWisconsin.Com
  • WisconsinPickleball.Com
  • WisconsinPicklebal.Org

If interested, you can contact us at  These are ONLY available directly from us.  You can contact us at:

Good Luck to All!

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