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MidwestPickleball.Org is Looking for Stories and Articles from Pickleball Players Across the Upper Midwest. They can be about anything from how you became involved; or, what Pickleball has done for you and your lifestyle; or, why you like to play the game; or, a local... read more

Style and Fashion on the Court

As most of you know, we have collected thousands of photos from Pickleball events over the last couple of years. In filtering through them, I recently noticed some, ….. well, let’s call them “remarkable” fashion statements.  (Yea, that’s... read more

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my first TIME

            Story by Jennifer Koski Re-print from Rochester Magazine, Rochester, MN by permission   PICKLEBALL   Here’s what I picture when I first hear about pickleball: Some kind of bat. Some kind of court. Some kind of giant,... read more

Active Adults Needed

 by Jason Lardy Nomad Marketing December 31, 2014 Reprinted with Permission   InnerCity Tennis, the Senior Tennis Players Club and USTA Northern Section are looking for active adults to share their ideas about fitness and their active lifestyles.  Nomad Marketing... read more

Senior Health and Wellness

Senior Health and Wellness Dr. Peeke’s Latest Senior Games Blogs (Reprinted with permission from the National Senior Games Association Newsletter)   NSGA spokesperson (and National Senior Games qualified triathlete) Dr. Pamela Peeke is ramping up for next... read more

Adding Something As Simple As Walking

How’s Your Flexibility and Endurance Doing? We all know that Pickleball is great for staying active.  It helps us stretch and stay limber.  We get to improve on our eye-hand coordination and quick response reactions.  It has taken many players from complacent... read more

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